Licensed, qualified, aerial production specialists

Highline Aerial Media is proud to be a licensed supplier of aerial filming and photographic services. We have held CAA ‘Permission for Commercial Operation’ (formally known as ‘Permission for Aerial Work’) since 2013, our pilots are BNUC-S trained and qualified, and we are fully insured.

The company was formed in Hampshire in 2011 when Mikey Oldfield (a professional cinematographer) and Theo Amer (a professional pilot) became inspired by the creative possibilities of flying a camera on a drone. Ever since we have been passionately helping our clients discover this new perspective.


Theo Amer - Pilot

Theo is passionate about flying, and sharing the unique perspective that comes from being in the air. He has over 20 years of flying experience, much of that as a professional pilot and flying instructor. He has been qualified as a UAV drone pilot for 6 years. Theo also has wide experience of communications media in a number of industries. His commitment to achieving the client’s vision for their project is second only to his commitment to safety.

Mikey Oldfield - Director of Photography

Mikey is a filmmaker to the core. He loves nothing more than to capture a moment in order to tell a story and inspire others with stunning, thought provoking images. Mikey has a degree in Film Production (specialising in cinematography) and wide-ranging experience as a filmmaker and photographer.  He is also a skilled editor – ensuring that the client’s vision is clearly communicated through the final product, be it a film or photograph.

Tom Ensom - Pilot, Camera Operator

Tom’s passion is to use his creative skills to communicate, inform and entertain. Tom joined the Highline team in 2015, and qualified as a UAV drone pilot that same year. He trained previously as a composer and digital artist, followed by a number of years’ experience in professional film production before joining Highline. As well as being a great pilot Tom brings with him skills as a camera operator, sound engineer, and video editor – as well as 3D structural design experience with AutoCAD.



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