Using the latest drone technology, we work closely with our clients to deliver the aerial film footage that you need - empowering you to inspire your audience as you reveal a new perspective on your subject. We can provide for all your production needs, whether you simply need stand alone aerial footage or full end-to-end film production including ground filming, animation and editing.

We offer a unique view of your subject whether for cinematic, informative or survey purposes. We believe that the possibilities are endless...


Aerial Expertise

Highline Aerial Media was formed in 2012 when Theo, a professional pilot and Mikey, a professional filmmaker, started to explore what was creatively possible when you attach a film camera to a drone. Over the last five years we have taken full advantage of the drone revolution to help our clients produce stunning films, incorporating aerial shots that would have been impossible only a few years ago. The ability of our drones to film anywhere between ground level and 400ft, and to fly at speeds up to 50mph allows for powerful transitions, spectacular establishing shots, and extraordinarily dynamic close-ups.


Tell us your vision and we will give your production the stunning footage that it deserves.


Full Production Services

We offer full end-to-end productions services. We work closely with our clients to transform your initial vision into a fully fledged film ready to be delivered to your audience. We will work with you to develop your concept and can offer story-boarding, ground filming, aerial filming, editing, animation, voiceover, soundtrack and final production to produce a fully finished film in the format that your audience needs. We can provide you with all of the above, or you can select individual services to support an existing project. Tell us your vision and we will help you create a film that leaves your audience inspired.


Professional Cameras

Professional productions require the latest camera technology, and we are able to film 4K RAW in the sky.  We have the ability to film slow motion, and to zoom in for close-ups with our Z3 dedicated zoom camera.  Our main camera uses the micro-four-thirds lens system, and takes lenses with a variety of focal lengths, giving you the choice. 

Our gimbal-incorporated cameras can be taken off the aircraft and handheld using the DJI OSMO, giving us the steadycam shots right in our hands.  And when you're designing your shoot, don't forget that wee can mount this on a car, bike, pole or cable rig - the only limit is your imagination.


Tell us about your requirements and we'll build the perfect aerial package for your production. 

If you need more grunt, and you want to get a heavy camera like a RED in the air, we can bring in the right parties to make that happen for you.  If you're filming in a confined space we'll bring a smaller drone, fit for purpose.  For the larger productions, utilising our connections in the aviation industry we have the ability to provide a manned helicopter or aeroplane for your production.



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