The stability and versatility of our drones enables you to capture stunning photographs of your subject from the angle that you choose. Whether you need a close-up from a unique angle, or a wide shot from high in the air we can give you what your creativity needs.

hampshire aerial photography

Licensed to Fly

We are fully licensed and authorised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate drones commercially. We hold a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) certificate, which is a legal requirement for all commercial drone operations in the UK. Our pilots all hold a BNUC-S drone pilot certificate, and we are fully insured according to CAA regulations. Whenever we fly we operate according to the Highline Aerial Media Operations Manual which has been approved by the CAA.  When you choose us you can be assured by the UK Civil Aviation Authority that we will operate to the recognised professional safety standards.

Southampton aerial photo


Aerial photography is nothing new, however recent technological advances have opened up opportunities never seen before.  Even the most familiar surroundings seem brand new when seen from above.  Many of the country's great buildings are rarely seen from the sky, and an aerial photograph of your venue can elevate your visitors' experience.  Want to show your site in context?  There's no better way than an aerial photo.

southampton aerial photography

Watch the Magic Happen

Make sure you're there when we fly, as our equipment enables you to see the live image from the drone.  With the live feed our pilot can position the drone exactly where it needs to be, for our camera operator to frame the perfect shot, all before your very eyes.  The advanced built-in stabilisation keeps the shots pin-sharp, we can review whilst in the air and re-take immediately to achieve pictorial perfection.  Our crew are not just radio-control enthusiasts, but professional cinematographers, so you know once we've put a camera in the air, we know how to get the best shots with it.


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