aerial film, photography & survey services

Filming & Photography for CREative media

Highline Aerial Media specialises in utilising UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or “drones” to produce compelling visuals for a wide variety of media platforms – from film and television productions to web and print based advertising campaigns.

We can provide stand-out aerial footage for inclusion in an existing project, or full end-to-end professional production services (including ground filming, sound, animation and editing) depending on your needs.


Highline Aerial Media also specialises in providing aerial surveys across a variety of industries.

For inspection we deliver close-in high-definition video and photography of structures up to 120m (400ft) high. For building survey, land survey and mapping we can provide you with raw geo-referenced aerial imagery, or produce full high-definition photogrammetric 3D models for import into design software such as AutoCAD.