Aerial Surveying

Our drones provide an ideal platform from which to survey hard-to-access structures, and large areas of land. We deliver you a highly accurate survey in a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods, without you needing to put your personnel at risk by working at height. With our powerful technology we can deliver highly accurate 3D models straight to your desk.


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Building Inspection

Getting a close-up inspection of a building at high level can be extremely difficult, time-consuming and expensive, when the only option is to hire a cherry-picker or to scaffold.  Our aircraft can be flown up to those hard to reach areas, and with our stabilised zoom camera we can provide the detailed photographs you require.  With our CAA approved safety standards, using a drone for aerial inspection is far safer than the risk of sending a person up to that height.





We are partnered with some of the UK's leading Building Surveyors and Structural Engineers - experts in listed buildings and historic properties, and have surveyed some of our Nation's great buildings including Windsor Castle and Blenheim Palace.  We have experience within the building industry and a working knowledge of AutoCAD.  Whether you need these specialist skills, or just the photographs, you're in safe hands.


Land Survey

The traditional method for carrying out a topographical survey, using a level and pole, is time-consuming and inefficient.  In recent years software has been specially developed to allow a drone to fly a pre-planned route, taking overlapping photographs, which when stitched together provide an accurate 3D image of the site.  This data can then be incorporated into your CAD software, not only providing data but also a high-resolution image to enhance your designs.

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3D Buildings

The logical progression from 3D land surveying is to point the camera at a building, and produce an accurate 3D model of the whole building.  A full external measured survey can take place in a matter of minutes, without a ladder or cherry-picker in sight.  The results are not only useful for your design work, but can be incorporated into your renders for some outstanding artist's impressions.



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